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Outdoor Training

HUNTER Outdoor Training is a professional, commercial, organisation dedicated to instructing and teaching top-quality outdoor education across a number of disciplines. It is run by Barry Howard a national-award-winning practitioner who has over 40 years experience of leading, instructing, course designing - and (still) learning. He is an outdoorsman and is never happier than when he's instructing survival skills - preferably 150 kms from the nearest settlement in up-country Sweden, deep in the forests.

Hunter runs courses for schools on their sites - or at Asheldham. Businesses and uniformed youth orgniasations use Hunter's services and vast experience to develop life skills, technical skills of expedition work, survival, and attendant skills such as navigation and first aid.

His 'pedigree' goes back to polar and Arctic exploration and expeditions, military instructing,  expeditioning in the Alps, Carpathians, mainland Scandinavia: Sarek, Jotunheim, & Finnmark, across the whole of the UK, and Iceland. He was a classroom teacher for 31 years earning praise from Ofsted (in four successive inspections, and another three once Hunter was set up) for innovative and meaningful outdoor education courses, and now runs outdoor projects in over 100 schools.

HUNTER can provide a range of basic survival skills at the The Asheldham Centre's site, together with problem solving and team-challenges, remote area 'walks' (please see 'Walks & Treks' section on the Menu), night navigation challenges, campcraft and backpacking skills, D of E workshops, and much more. These can range in time from a couple of hours to the duration of your visit.

If you are interested in enhancing your group's visit to Asheldham and would like to talk through possibilities of some outdoor work please do not hesitate to contact us.