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Image The Asheldham Centre


Please print this information for your reference once at the Centre



Please be aware The Asheldham Centre is a self-catering facility

We annually welcome up to 2000 mainly young people through the doors of the Centre. The fabric is in remarkably good condition bearing in mind the number of users, and we wish to preserve the simple quality of the interior - and exterior - as much as we can.

Therefore we ask you as Leaders to authorise / undertake basic housekeeping duties throughout your stay, and especially when you leave, which will help us maintain the centre. Vacuum cleaner[s] and related items are to be found in the cupboard in the Main hall.

In the Main Hall

  • Please do NOT allow outside shoes / boots into this area of the building. All outside footwear should be left by the main door at the far end of the Entrance Hall
  • Vacuum throughout the Hall, and sweep the Chapel
  • Empty wastepaper baskets
  • Wipe down tables and chairs with a damp cloth
  • Ensure electrical appliances are switched off.
  • Dormitories & Leaders' Rooms

    • vacuum throughout
    • empty wastepaper baskets
    • clean sinks
    • ensure no Leaders' / Group property remains at departure
    • Ensure electrical appliances are switched off.


    • Clean all work surfaces
    • Clean grill, cooker and oven, paying special attention to the grill plates.
    • Place all cutlery, washed, on the hangers
    • Put all crockery away in the plastic boxes provided on the bottom shelf of the auxiliary work surface under the microwave.
    • Mop the floor
    • Ensure fridge / freezer is empty
    • Make sure no food is left on any shelves
    • Empty waste bin
    • Ensure all pans and trays are cleaned and put away
    • Please leave fridge/freezer switched on.

    Games Room

    • Sweep floor
    • Clean any paint, mud, etc from tables and/or floor
    • Empty wastepaper baskets
    • Ensure no group property remains at departure
    • Ensure any Leaders / group notices are removed from Notice Boards
    • Ensure games are stored away
    • Ensure chairs are re-stacked safely
    • Ensure electrical appliances are switched off.

    Toilets & Showers

    • Mop floors in all toilets and showers
    • Make sure shower trays are clean
    • Clean and disinfect toilets and sinks.
    • Empty waste bins in Ladies.
    • Wipe down window sills
    • Put disinfectant in toilet pan before you leave.


    • Make sure all doors and windows are shut
    • Check that the fridge/freezer is left switched ON
    • Replace all furniture to the location it was found to be in on arrival
    • Put all brushes, vacuum cleaner[s] etc back in the Hall cupboard
    • Take empty milk bottles away with you.
    • Ensure that the Centre keys are returned to The Duty-Warden.
    • Ensure the Leaders' Report Form is completed and returned.


    Please bring sufficient washing up liquid for your stay. Also as this is effectively a 'self-wardening' Centre once the keys are handed over ie except for major problems and emergencies we expect you to manage the Centre as you would your own home, thus you also need to provide your own tea towels, scourers, bin liners of various sizes and extra toilet rolls.




    Please provide your own sleeping bags, pillows, and/or sheets etc.

    First Aid

    A basic first aid kit is provided and is located in the kitchen. We ask that Leaders also provide their own Group Kit and at least one portable kit for outside work. PLEASE BE AWARE that Asheldham is a remote location for professional emergency services. There is a doctor's surgery in Tillingham - three miles away; the Dengie area is even more remote (The Daily Telegraph in their Travel and Tourism magazine once rated the coastal area as one of the six remotest areas in England.) The Essex Air Ambulance does not fly at night, land-based ambulances have a long haul to get to Asheldham - at least 25 minutes usually, and mobile phone reception is, at best, 'patchy' - though improving.

    Should you be working with 'Hunter Outdoor Training', their Instructors are all First Aiders or First Aid Instructors, and carry with them comprehensive Group First Aid Kits and emergency equipment, strobes, stretchers (vehicle based), and two way radios - which do work throughout the area.